Status - Testing now

I have previously written up on building collectd on Ubuntu, where have done testing up to Ubuntu 19.10. What this has make clear is that that collectd and all its plugins is quite sensitive to changes to various systems libraries and things that you might think would be very stable (like linux kernel libraries continue to change and evolve). The most recent example of this was update from Ubuntu 19.04 to 19.10 which broke the build, due to deprecation of a system include file: sys/sysctl.h .

This and other issues with collectd build and release process made me realise that contributing to collectd upstream project needs awareness of more that just one target platform (Ubuntu in my case) and so to help get better idea on how to manage release across Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora/RedHat I have set up test Fedora build to allow validation of changes against this. Expect a FreeBSD version of this blog will also be created in the future.

I selected Fedora as it is deliberately released on a much more rapid cycle that RedHat  (Enterprise Linux), which in turn follow behind Fedora once the wrinkles are ironed out.

If collectd wants to be able to to keep a release cadence that matches the major distributions then it will need to start to track these more rapid Fedora and Ubuntu release cycles.

For others, here are tips to help start working on Fedora build of collectd and RPM packaging of this.

Build tools

To build Fedora you need to following build tools: autoconf automake bison flex libtool make rpm-build

# -- on Fedora / RedHat we use yum not apt..
sudo yum install autoconf automake bison flex libtool make rpm-build

Links & References:

GNU C Library version 2.30 - Release news, with advise that sys/sysctl.h is deprecated

Tool and tips on building & configuring collectd (on Ubuntu) - my post on building collectd on Ubuntu: following simple philosphy of: do, learn, record, educate and grow